Business Areas

Cognito is focus on the following areas:


  • ERP systems

  • Data Security

  • Balance Scorecard (BSC)

  • CRM systems

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Data Warehouse (DWH)

  • IT Project Management

  • GIS systems & Technology

  • IT training courses

  • Document Management system (DMS)

  • Contract Management System (CMS)

  • Payroll & HR

Business Intelligence (BI)



BI (Business Intelligence) is a leading, state-of-the-art method of getting the best out of the business data. It is the best business supportive in the last decade or more. The idea is to learn from the business collected data all you can about your customer behavior, market needs and directions, products behavior and more.

The BI solution will merge relevant data from all company's resources into one unite centralized data base, all in order to give the business users the ability to merge important information together. That will able increased understanding abilities on company's and market management with existence data. For example, one will be able analyze customer's profit by sale basket (combination of data that comes from POS, pricing and company sale targets).

BI is the way of working with the business data already collected (like point-of-sale cash data or warehouse data) and use it to increase business activity and market knowledge and understanding.

ICT Project Management Expertize


Cognito is offering its customers unique Project Management training facilities that were developed in order to upgrade junior and experienced project managers in their job. The idea was to inherit our experts accumulative experience in the project management field to as many as possible future PM's. We joined the leading training school in Israel, John Bryce training, and in the past 10 years we are leading and lecturing most of John Bryce's Project Management training courses.

Our training courses are divided to 2: short time courses (up to 5 full days training, close to specific customers only) and longtime courses (4 months during the afternoon and evening, also open to public). This structure allow our customers to choose the right approach to upgrade and train their employees.

Cognito Digital & Archiving Center



Cognito Zambia is proposing a new service to its customers - Digital & Archiving Center: Digitization of the customer's archive room to magnetic media.The action is takeing place at Cognito Digital & Archiving Center and free the customer from any hassle. Customer documents' will be securely transfered to Cognito Digital & Archiving Center, scanned, cataloged and securely transferred back to the customer's offices. All documents will be indexed to DMS (Document Management System) so the customer can start using them digitaly immediatly after scanning. Cognito also offers its customers to store a backup of the scanned documents in its Digital & Archiving Center. 

Geographical Information Systems - GIS

Cognito is offering its clients GIS systems absed on ESRI software and Survey Equipment includes: Bump Integrator, Laser Profiler, 360 Video Cameras, Geometry tools, GPS receivers and more. The survey equipment is integrated with a supporting software that presents the data in a quick way on a map. The software feature also includes generating of GIS layers and extraction of asset, inventory and condition data directly from the proposed survey equipment. All solutions are based on centralized data base.​

The GIS & Engineering department is led by GIS and Civil engineers, Geodesic engineers, cartography technicians, geographers and field surveyor's experts.

 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)




A business management software integration all applications from many business activities for the use of an organization. The ERP system deviding the business activities into moduls, such as: Product planning, Sales & marketing, Inventory management, Accounting etc.

Cognito offers cunsultency and implementation services starting from gap analysis and define organization needs, design and leading development and implementation phases.

 Data Security


The most precious value for modern organization is its data. Cognito is representing Check Point, the world data Security leading company, proposing a full organizational data security using Check Point products.

Cognito is offring our customers a full IT security using                       software and combined hardware and software products including network security, endpoint security, data security and security management.

Cognito developed technical capabilitis to support its Zambian Check Point customers localy.

Data Warehouse (DWH)


DWH (Data Warehouse) is an organizational project which aims to collect all relevant data from all organizational operational source systems and organize them in a smart way so managers in the organization can use the data to push the porganization forward towards its goals.

The DWH project is build on a flexible environmebt (data base, ETL tool, front end tool) and a solid working method developed in Cognito along many years of experience.

Cognito gathered experts with years of experience in running DWH projects for customers in various business areas all in order to serve our next customer best.

Document & Workflow Management System (DMS)

Cognito is proposing its clients the combination between a Workflow Management System & Document Management system in order to move to a paper-less world. We are proposing our clients one of the world class leading system in the DMS area - ADA by Artis. Our solution will covere the following processes:

  • Documents scanning and indexing

  • Documents search and archive

  • Full organizational workflow management with the ability to view any archived document at any screen

  • Full tracking over organizational activities like: electronic signature, work progress, bottle necks

This DMS solution will inherit the organization with a full and prooven working methodology that will couse every document to be scanned once only, and from that moment on, the document can be shown with any working process and for any system user.