Stargate Financial Limited is a fintech company which was founded in 2018 and started operations in2019 in Zambia. In our strategic outlook we have envision to build the company initially as

micro-credit provider serving the Zambian market and eventually build a business of other financial services covering savings, and other investments all leveraging technology.


The company is oversighted by competent board of directors. Stargate has a highly skilled management team and staff driving the institution forward.


“We exist to provide individuals and businesses the power to grow”.

Stargate focuses on client satisfaction by offering high value of services. All products and services are competitively priced. The focus is to exceed the expectation of our customers in the delivery of our services to gain their confidence and trust

We aim to serve our clients in our branches as well remotely using a technological platform. We will pursue and unlock the vast potential that lies in the businesses and seek for new markets and sectors