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Nir Biran, Managing Director of Cognito Zambia, has +30 years as company and projects manager in the ICT environment with many successful project in Israel and around the globe.

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Munshya Tyetye, Director of Sales,  has over 22 years of management experience spanning across various sectors of industries ranging from freight forwarding and logistics, petroleum, horticulture, agro manufacturing, telecommunications, print media and ICT. In the past 10 years Munshya has been leading business development in key ICT areas such Business Intelligence, Data Centre Solutions, Security and Enterprise Resource Planning.

Cognito company profile

Liat Elimelech, Managing Partner of Cognito Zambia, has more than 25 years of experience in project managing with special expertise in BI/DWH and ERP-SAP systems . Liat managed projects around the world and in the past 3 years focus in Africa with high level of success.

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Cognito Zambia LTD, is part of Cognito International group, which is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company, with prime focus in the following areas:


                  ERP systems                                            Data Security                                        Balance Scorecard (BSC)


                  CRM systems                                           Business Intelligence (BI)                   Data Warehouse (DWH)


                  IT Project Management                           GIS systems & Technology                 IT training courses


                  Document Management system            CMS (Contract Managemt Systems    Payroll & HR

Cognito has experts with extensive experience working on projects around the world and our experts have been involved as leaders as well as team members. Key countries Cognito has worked on multi-million dollar projects include: Israel, Russia, Thailand, Greece, Philippines, Slovakia and Turkey. In the last few years, Cognito has decided to invest in Africa starting with Zambia. 


Cognito’s working philosophy and method brings together our knowledge and experience with ERP, CRM, BI/Big Data, DWH (Data Warehouse), BSC (Balance Scorecard), Data Security and IT project management. We customise solutions for our clients that can start small and grow according to their budget.


Cognito is a solution provider company with expertise on tailoring the right solution to

our clients. Our solutions are based on the client's needs, budget and existing

technology. We use various state-of-the-art technology tools from the world leading


Cognito’s area of expertise include: Telecom, GIS, Banking, Insurance, Government, and Retail

(for details see our projects). Our best practice and methods have been tested

and approved as supportive and progressive tools to ensure successful project implementation

in terms of content, time and budget. Here are some details on projects our experts have participated in:


  • Retail area – Unilever (Israel & Tukey) - 3 years project involving 22 countries design and implementation of an ERP (SAP) & BI solution (BW). The focus was on the following modules: SD, MM-PP, PU and FI-CO.

  • Retail area – Shufersal (Israel) – 1 year project covering customer behavior and loyalty club. The project used Teradata as DB, model and machine and MS-OLAP as front end DB.

  • Telecom area – Beeline (Russia) – Big BI/DWH project on Marketing, Sales and Collection for the 2nd largest mobile company in Russia (during 2005) using Oracle as DB, Data stage as ETL tool and Cognos as front end tool. Globe Telecom (Philippines) - Big BI/DWH project on Marketing, Sales and engineering for the 2nd largest mobile company in Russia (during 2011) using Teradata as DB, Informatica as ETL tool and BO as front end tool.


  • Banking area – IsBank (Turkey) – Complex BI/DWH project for the biggest bank in Turkey (during 2008) using Oracle as DB, Informatica as ETL tool and BO as front end tool.


  • Insurance area – Phoenix (Israel) – 4 years BI/DWH project that covers all aspects of insurance business aspects (elementary, life, health) all based on Netezza as DB, Informatica as ETL tool and BO as front end tool.


  • Governmental area – Ministry of Lands, Natural resources and environmental protection (Zambia) – 3 years project to analyze, design, develop and implement a 3-tier land administration system with centralized system administration functionality and real time remote transaction processing including GIS component, accounting and billing module, electronic document management and reporting tool.

  • Governmental area – Ministry of Treasury (Israel) – 1 year BI project to give reporting and analysis abilities on the country GL (General Ledger). This ability gave the analysts, budget planning capabilities.


  • Governmental area – Ministry of Education (Israel) – 2 years BI/DWH project to collect and manage all relevant financial aspects regarding the cost of a pupil in a class, by geographical are, by city, by school and by class. This project gave the ministry analysts the ability to plan the amount of pupils in a class compare to number of teachers.

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