The University of Zambia (UNZA) and Cognito Zambia signed MoU document to conduct courses on IT Project Management

(in pic: Dr. Jackson Phiri, head of Computer Science department from UNZA and Nir Biran, Cognito CEO)

Cognito’s experts raised and managed projects with many business areas: Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Government, and Retail. Our best practice and methods were tested and approved as supportive and progressive tools to assure a success project on content, time and budget. Here are details on few of the projects our experts were participated in:

Mrs. Liat Elimelech, Cognito Zambia partner, during a GIS training certificate ceremony at the Ministry of Lands

A classic BI project for a leading agriculture package company. Tama is leading the agriculture world with modern and intelligent packages suitable for different harvesting machines.

The project covered the company marketing and sales activities in order to give the business people the capability to understand their customer’s needs and predict the future sales quantities.

The project based on Oracle as database, Microsoft SSIS as an ETL tool and Qlikview as end-user tool.

The project lasted a year and involved all company’s management in order to fully covered the company needs.

A BI project for the Israeli ministry of Treasury, covering the general ledger data. The project’s aim was to give the business people the ability to do 2 things: actual vs. plan for the previous year’s budget and plan prediction for the next year, including what if analysis.

The Israeli ministry of Treasury is budgeting, controlling and money transfer to all ministries all year long and had to have a BI tool to have the ability to control the ministries monetary actions.

The project based on Oracle as data base, Oracle ETL tool and Business Objects as the end-user tool.

An EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) project for a Telecom company with 3 arms: land lines, cellular and international calls. Slovak Telecom was behind the leading company in Slovakia at the time and the project was directed to support the company to become first in the market.

The project covered 4 business subjects: marketing, sales, finance and revenue assurance. That covered almost 80% of the company source system data.

The project based on Oracle as data base, Informatica as ETL tool, Business Objects as an end-tool and IBM TDW data model as the project’s data model. The project also included predictive part for potential churning customers based on SAS tools.

The project lasted 15 months from initiation to first draft and few months more for go live.

3 years project involving 22 countries designing and implementing ERP (SAP) & BI solution (BW). The focus was on the following modules: SD, MM-PP, PU and FI-CO.
Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental protection (Zambia) – 3 years project to analyze, design, develop and implement a 3-tier land administration system with centralized system administration functionality and real time remote transaction processing including GIS component, accounting and billing module, electronic document management (DMS & case flow) and reporting tool.
BI & DWH project for the 2nd largest Telecom company in the philippines as part of a comprehensive Billing project.
The project included the company marketing, sales, billing and financial transaction (as Globe are capable for Mobile Money transaction).
As the 2nd largest company in the philippines, Glob eTelecom holds 50+ millions subscribers and millions of records are collected daily in its BI and DWH system.
AMDOCS is the world's leading billing company and was managing the project.
4 years BI/DWH and DMS project that covers all aspects of insurance business aspects (elementary, life, health) all based on Netezza as DB, Informatica as ETL tool and BO as front end tool.
CYTA is Cypruse telecom company with +700,000 sucscribers and service in: Mobile, Land-line, International calls, ISP and PAY-TV.
We consulted CYTA of customer profiling and churn prediction models.
Complex BI/DWH project for the biggest bank in Turkey (during 2008) using Oracle as DB, Informatica as ETL tool and BO as front end tool with a team of +15.