1. Please read the following carefully to understand our views and practices regarding your personal data and how we will treat it. By downloading the App, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accept the terms of this Policy set out hereunder. You also consent to the collection, use, storage, processing, and disclosure of your personal information in the manner set out in this Policy. 

  2. Your privacy and personal information is of utmost concern to us. We consider your privacy to be very important and would never share your personal information without your explicit consent and in any unlawful manner. 

  3. We use your personal data to provide our services, improve the quality of services and products offered, send notifications, offers and promotional materials, protect our rights and interests as well as the rights and interests of third parties, and comply with generally applicable laws. 

  4. When you download STARLOAN app, we shall ask for your permission (consent) to view your Mobile Money SMS, open the camera and view the location, and other pertinent information in order to verify your identity, your creditworthiness and to enable us to generate a credit score for you so as to provide you with personalized loans, to detect and prevent fraud and other illegal uses of our services, to analyze your behaviors, to perform activities relating to KYC (know- your-customer) and anti-money laundering requirements. we may collect the following data concerning you: name, surname, national ID number and any other data included on a national ID, home address, employer name and address, registration or correspondence address, e-mail address, mobile number, date of birth, sex, marital status, monthly income, the content of your mobile money SMS saved on your mobile, bank account number, transactions on bank accounts, description, signature, and any other information you would provide to us. Please be also informed that we can record our telephone conversations for training purposes, in connection with processing complaints, for evidentiary purposes, and to verify customer service transactions. 

  5. We collect your personal data when you download STARLOAN app and you grant us the relevant consents, you provide it to us directly, use our products, services or website, use cookies or similar technology, and when we receive personal data from third parties. 

  6. Please be informed that we use a tool that allows us to make automatic decisions. Making decisions in an exclusively automated way is the ability to make decisions using technological tools without human involvement. We use the above technology to reduce the risk of making a mistake, lowering the risk of non-payment of a loan, and most importantly, it allows a credit decision to be made in a shorter period of time. 

  7. Please be informed that you have right to:
    request to correct your data or limit the processing of your personal data and, 
    request access to your personal data. 

  8. Please be informed that we process your personal data in order to assess credit risk and assess your creditworthiness, to detect and prevent fraud and other illegal uses of our services, to analyze your behaviors, to perform activities relating to KYC (know-your-customer) and anti- money laundering requirements, which allows us to decide whether to grant you a loan and in what amount can be granted. 

  9. You also agree and allow us to get, give out, record and or use your Personal Information and information on your use of the STARLOAN APP. This includes sharing this information with:
    ·  local or international law enforcement or competent regulatory or governmental agency to help prevent, detect, investigate or prosecute criminal activities or fraud;
    ·  service providers, dealers, agents or any other associate company of STARLOAN for reasonable commercial purposes;
    ·  Credit Reference Bureau to (amongst others) conducting credit checks or reporting to the Credit Reference Bureau as may be market custom or required by law; or
    ·  other third party, including the Provider, as may be authorized under applicable laws.

  10. We would like to kindly inform you that we collect your data on few ways: 1.Automatically when you visit our website or STARLOAN App. Please take into account that these kind of data are mostly collected by cookie files and tracking of navigation signals. Decisions that are not fully automatic are those that may include the actions of our employees. For instance, before we grant you a loan, we will investigate your credit worthiness and in some cases we may perform additional phone verification, which takes place before making a credit decision.
    2. Your personal data can be provided through third party for example via credit bureau and from our business partners;
    3. We can obtain your data directly from you, especially for these that you left on our application form, on your personal profile created on our STARLOAN App, on our website, via social medias, during phone calls, presented on the e-mails, posts, chats or any other services or tools through which you contacts with us. 

  11. You agree to inform us promptly, and in any event, within 30 days, via e-mail or by calling to our customer care Infoline if there are any changes to your data supplied to us from time to time, and to respond promptly to any request from us. 

  12. Where we have given you or where you have chosen a password or PIN that enables you to access certain parts of our STARLOAN app, you are responsible for keeping this password confidential. You are requested to not share a password or login with anyo

    Controller of the data 
    The data that we collect from you may be transferred to, and stored at, a destination outside Zambia. Thus, by submitting your personal data, you agree to this transfer, storing or processing of data. 
    Please be informed that we can provide your information to selected third parties in connection with the fulfillment of our contractual obligations to you and for other purposes described in this policy. 
    - We can transfer your personal data:
    We may update our Policy from time to time. Whenever we make a change, we will post the updated Policy at our website or STARLOAN app when you next start the App. We encourage you to check our Policy periodically. The new terms may be displayed on-screen and you may be required to read and accept them to continue your use of the App or the services. 

       Final provisions 

  1. at any time when we are legally obliged to do; in particular we may disclose information about using our services and your visit to STARLOAN app in order to ensure compliance with the law, when we can have reasonable suspicion that these disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or the safety of others, prevent and detecting fraud or responding to requests from state institutions;