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Cognito Zambia LTD, a part of Cognito International group, is an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) company. Cognito has experts with extensive experience working on projects around the world. Our experts have been involved as leaders as well as team members on multi-million dollar projects in the following business areas:

 - ERP systems


 - Data Security

 - Balance Scorecard (BSC)

 - CRM systems

 - Business Intelligence (BI)

 - Data Warehouse (DWH)

 - IT Project Management

 - GIS systems & Technology

 - IT training courses

 - Document Management system (DMS)

 - CMS (Contract Managemt Systems)

 - Payroll & HR

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Cognito promots Avision scanners

Cognito is now promoting Avision scanners (from A0 to A4) in Zambia, in an unbelievable low price. For example, A4 scanner with speed of 60 pages per minute and feeder for up to 80 pages, for as low as 765 USD (VAT excluded).  All scanners gets the full service of our technicians with original spare parts.

Cognito Zambia is proposing a new service to its customers - Digital & Archiving Center: Digitization of the customer's archive room to magnetic media.The action is takeing place at Cognito Digital & Archiving Center and free the customer from any hassle...... Read more

Cognito Zambia is proposing a new service to its customers - Development of Geographical Information Systems with our unique CAD standard files. ...... Read more

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